April 14 & 15, 2021


December 8 & 9 NH3 Event Europe and the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) join forces to host two digital events on the topic of green NH3 in the Arab world. Our aim of organizing these events is building knowledge and sharing information about green ammonia possibilities in the Arab World.

We all know Arab world is producing a lot of fertilizers, but what about sustainability and possibilities of producing green fertilizers? Are there possibilities to make phosphates green? With these first duo of webinars, we would like to give the Arab world an insight on the possibilities for green NH3.

Program outline

December 8 : ‘What is green NH3?’.
During this session we focus on:

  • What is brown / black / blue / green NH3?
  • What do companies do now to produce green NH3?
  • How can you make phosphates / fertilizers green?

December 9: ‘Public perception of green NH3’.
During this session we focus on:

  • Will there be green NH3 in future?
  • How do we produce this green NH3?
  • When can we expect the world using green NH3?
  • Will there be a demand for green NH3?

Program outline for both days is:

  • 13:00   Opening by Host
  • 13:02   Introduction by Moderator
  • 13:05   Speaker 1
  • 13:25   Speaker 2
  • 13:45   Speaker 3
  • 14:05   Q&A with Moderator
  • 14:50   Quiz
  • 15:00   Closure by Host

Each session has a duration of 20 minutes. After 3 presentations we will have a live Q&A with our moderator. We will finish the webinar with a unique AFA Quiz. The quiz questions refer to the presentation that are held during the program.

Register today for this webinar via our sign up page.

There is a discount code available for members of the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) and Ammonia Energy Association (AEA). If you are a member and you have not received a discount code, please contact info@nh3arabevents.com.