April 14 & 15, 2021


Rapid growth in the pipeline for green and blue ammonia projects since 2020 means that developers face increased competition for financing. CRU Consulting will discuss the commercial considerations of financiers assessing green ammonia projects, including the need to understand the future prospects of zero carbon ammonia in both “traditional” fertilizer and nascent non-fertilizer energy markets, their cost competitiveness versus substitutes and other projects, as well as the overall economic feasibility over the project’s life cycle.

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Since Willis Thomas joined CRU in 2017 he has gained significant experience completing fertilizer mandates in macro, secondary, and micronutrient markets. He is now taking a lead in the development CRU’s analysis of green ammonia, especially in alternative uses. Before coming to CRU Willis was involved in non-ferrous wire production and sales as well as economic development with a focus on business outreach and retention, but comes from an agricultural background.

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